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Fireball Express!!! Ansi

Welcome to Fireball Express!!! BBS!

A little about this board:
Hi. My name is Fireball (A.k.A. Jay Talbot) and I started BBSing as an early teen in the late 80's after one of my best friends introduced me to it on his PC compatible. I'd had a Commodore 64 up until then with no modem, but I would spend hours programming BASIC on that thing. After the Commodore broke, my parents bought me an IBM Compatable with a modem, and it was on. In the early 90's, I was honored to be asked (or was it volunteered?) to be co-Sysop of one of the biggest Renegade BBSes in Amarillo, TX, Rock City U.S.A. run by Guitarman (A.k.A. Robert Hendrix) where I helped with the day to day maintenance and even drew a few ANSI graphics (3 page long guitar was one!). I then went on to co-Sysop a few others, including Unemployed DJ's run by Matt Michaels (A.k.A. Whit White). This BBS ran Virtual BBS, or VBBS, which featured a BASIC like scripting language. One or both of us would come up with a a script idea and I would implement it. It was great! By the mid-90's, BBSing was starting to give way to the Web.

Being one to want to preserve history, the original Fireball Express!!! BBS was born in 1996 running Renegade BBS software first, then VBBS 7.0, and finally transitioned to Virtual Advanced BBS in 1997. Mind you, by that time most of the interest in BBSing was waning in favor of AOL, Prodigy, and other national ISPs. I was stubborn and the BBS stayed online for about 3 years total, going offline in late 1998. I found my own interest in BBSing gone. I found that writing HTML and creating websites was more fun, so the BBS went into memory for a while.

In 2003, I had a relapse of "BBS fever" and started it back up again using Virtual Advanced and VADV32 as a telnet BBS. It was first run on a PC I'd picked up for next to nothing (old Pentium 400Mhz), then on a VPS that had all ports available (home Internet usually blocks normal server ports).  I don't remember really ever taking it down, but it was a hobby until about 2005 or so.

It seems every so often I get the BBS bug. lol! So now we have the latest version of Fireball Express!!! BBS. I'm running Synchronet BBS v3.17 (CVS) for Linux. Except for the fact I need to learn JavaScript for just about everything, I'm pretty happy with it. :)

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